About us

Who are we?

Ridley-Hermans Development Team is a cycling team for U17 and U19 riders. In this team, the development of young riders is of the utmost importance. The Ridley-Hermans Development Team is also known as a close team. Our staff supports talented riders out of passion for cycling.

This cycling project is an initiative of cycling fan Edwald Martijn. The inhabitant of Zeeland saw in his region how talented cyclists had to leave the province to fulfill their ambitions.

That is history with the arrival of the Ridley-Hermans Development Team. Thanks to reputable partners like Ridley and Hermans, the team can offer again the necessary facilities and a nice competition schedule. In this way, young and ambitious riders can persue their dream.

Our core values


Our team allows talented riders to pursue their dream in a responsible manner. Knowledgeable staff supports them in all aspects of cycling.


Team spirit
Team spirit is very important at the Ridley-Hermans Development Team. The staff and riders proudly bear the name of our team and sponsors.


We believe that a good collaboration leads to success. We always operate as a collective. By doing so, we get the best out of our team.